simplyBracknell & Wokingham
simplyBracknell & Wokingham zone covers all Thames Valley Buses and Reading Buses services that run within Bracknell and Wokingham.
simplyWokingham & Reading
simplyWokingham & Reading zone is valid on services 127/128/129 between Wokingham, Twyford & Reading, but as Reading Buses 4/X4.
simplyReading zone covers Thames Valley services 127/128/129 between Reading and Sonning and all Reading Buses services within Reading. 
simplySlough & Windsor
simplySlough & Windsor zone covers all Thames Valley Buses and Green Line services that run within Slough and Windsor.
simplyMaidenhead zone covers all Thames Valley Buses services that run within Maidenhead.
simplyNetwork zone covers all Thames Valley Buses and Reading Buses services except Green Line between Langley and London.
Mobile Tickets
Details on the tickets you can purchase on the Thames Valley app - buy on the app and travel instantly.
Single & Return Fares
A little guide to getting a single or return ticket onboard our services.
Younger customers travel for less!
Boost ticket verification now required
Boost tickets purchased on our app need to be verified to prove your age or student status
The money saver for your changing travel habits.
Student Pass 2022-2023
School & college students can now order their Student Pass for new academic year 2022-2023 on our app
Lexicon Perks Discount (Employees Only)
Perks for staff working at The Lexicon in Bracknell
Concessionary Travel Passes
Thames Valley Buses information on Concessionary travel passes