Single & Return Fares

Single and return fares are available on the bus and paid to the driver. We recommend payment is made by contactless payment cards wherever possible, but cash is accepted also.

We ask, where possible, that you can pay with near to the exact fare as you can, this will ensure a quicker boarding experience and avoid any issues where our driver may not have the change to give you back.

In the event of the driver having insufficient change, the driver can issue you with a change voucher. This is a printed ticket which you can use for payment for or towards your next journey, or can be exchanged for cash from another of our drivers if they have sufficient change to spare. Alternatively, you can come to our Bracknell bus station office or depot to exchange.

Pre-payment on our app for a single or return fare is not currently available except tickets to be used entirely within the Reading boundary.

To get your single and return fares, find your route and open the pdf. Simple as that! 

For any questions regarding fares please contact us via email at [email protected] or call 0118 973 3486.