simplyReading - new zone for Thames Valley!

simplyReading covers our services 127/128/129 between Reading and Sonning and all Reading Buses services within the town.  Available on the bus, the app and smartcard (daysaver5 is only available via the app). 

Boost fares are for anyone 18 years and under and also available to students aged 19-21 who attend a local college or university with valid student ID. 

Please see Routes & times for single and return fares for each service.  

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60 min

all day weekly monthly 90 day annual
adult (on bus) £2.30 £3 £4.50 n/a n/a n/a n/a
adult (app/online) £2.20 £2.80 £4.30 £17 £63 £175 £665



60 min transfer

all day weekly monthly term annual
Boost (on bus) £1.80 £2.30 £3.20 n/a n/a n/a n/a
Boost (app) £1.70 £2.20 £3.20 £13 £50 £170 £460

Adult daysaver5 - APP ONLY TICKET - Please download the Thames Valley Buses app

Our daysaver5 is designed for all our adult customers who still need to travel with us, but not as frequently. The daysaver5 bundle ticket allows you to buy 5 individual all-day tickets together with savings of up to 35%! You can buy them for each of the areas that our buses run in.

simplyReading daysaver5 £17
simplyNetwork daysaver5 £25

These individual tickets have no expiry. Each day is used independently so you could travel on a Monday and then still have four days left to travel later in the week, the following week or whenever you like.