At Thames Valley Buses, we are driven by service and we understand how important it is that our buses run on time. We’re committed to running the best service possible to get you to your destination on time day-in, day-out. That means that we measure and monitor every aspect of our performance so that we can aim for constant improvement. We don’t claim to get everything right all the time, but we’re proud of the service we offer and we feel we should be open about our performance levels, which we are happy to share with you on this page. We’re always learning and always striving to make things better.

% of services running on time

Jan-22 Feb-22 Mar-22 Apr-22 May-22 Jun-22
90.10% 89.53% 88.81% 91.88% 91.55% 91.20%
Jul-22 Aug-22 Sep-22 Oct-22 Nov-22 Dec-22
91.46% 92.08% 89.76% 88.60% 83.24% 86.64%

Total for year 2022 was 89.82%

Jan-23 Feb-23 Mar-23 Apr-23 May-23 Jun-23
87.95% 84.85% 83.46% 75.71% 82.18% 85.69%
Jul-23 Aug-23 Sep-23 Oct-23 Nov-23 Dec-23
88.00% 84.65% 87.71% 87.15%    

“On-time” measurement is defined by the Traffic Commissioner as services arriving between 1 minute early and up to 5 minutes late.