More buses and a new timetable from 25 March for our Windsor Express routes

2 months ago Tue 5th Mar 2024

From Monday 25 March, we are introducing a brand-new timetable on The London Line  702 and Flightline 703 routes.

This change features an increase in frequency on both The London Line 702 and Flightline 703 routes, which will see up to four buses an hour between Windsor, Slough and Langley during the morning and evening peaks – double the current number of buses.

We have also undertaken a thorough review of the timetable and will be introducing timetable changes and additional resources designed to help ensure that these services run on time.

In time for the Easter holidays, we are also excited to confirm that the new timetable includes extra buses in the morning from London towards Windsor and Legoland, as well as additional journeys back in the evening.

In response to growing customer numbers, there will also be some additional buses in the morning towards London as well as back in the evening for commuters, with services departing London up to every 30 minutes at busy times.

Flightline 703 will also see an increase in the number of journeys that run from Bracknell to Heathrow. Buses will now run up to every 30 minutes along the entire route in the morning and evenings, and continue to run up to every 30 minutes between Slough and Heathrow throughout the day.

On top of this, we are adding more early morning journeys on Flightline 703 between midnight and 3 am to offer a round-the-clock service between Heathrow and Slough.

Along with these changes, we will also be making changes to the times of many journeys on the London Line 701, 702 and Flightline 703 with some services departing earlier or later than the current timetable to help improve punctuality.

A summary of the changes can be found below, with the new timetables ready to download for London Line 701/702 (or online London Line 701/702)and Flightline 703) or download Flightline 703 or you can use our journey planner now.

the London Line 701

There will be an additional two journeys in the early morning from Reading to Legoland and Slough and three in the evening from Slough and Legoland towards Reading.

Some journeys will depart earlier or later than on the current timetable. All journeys will continue to connect with 702 journeys to/from London.

the London Line 702

On weekday mornings and evenings, there will be additional buses in both directions on the route.

On Saturdays, there will also be additional buses in the evening in both directions.

Many journeys will depart earlier or later than the current timetable to improve punctuality.

In addition to these changes, our extra bus at 1802 from Hammersmith will no longer run.

Flightline 703

In the mornings and evenings, more journeys will run between Bracknell and Heathrow, running up to every 30 minutes.

North Ascot will benefit from an hourly service being reintroduced across much of the day.

Some daytime journeys will additionally serve Heatherwood Hospital's main entrance and some journeys will serve Ascot High Street
There will also be additional buses between midnight and 3 am between Heathrow and Slough.

Some journeys will depart earlier or later than on the current timetable to improve punctuality.

Enhancements are being made with support and in partnership with Heathrow Airport.

In addition to the timetable changes, we are pleased to confirm the recent introduction of three additional brand-new high-specification buses for Flightline 703 to supplement the ones we introduced last year and support the continued growth of the route.

These vehicles feature spacious and comfortable seating, USB and wireless charging, as well as dedicated luggage space.

We hope you will enjoy the latest improvements to our Windsor Express routes.