Thames Valley (and beyond) reopens

8 months ago Mon 17th May 2021

As many businesses breathe a sigh of relief as they can begin to start getting back to something approaching normal from Monday 17th May, we are here to remind you that we have never been away and we are waiting to see you back on board!

indoor entertainment resumes

From Monday 17th May, indoor entertainment returns - so cinemas and theatres will reopen, and pubs, cafes and restaurants will be able to allow people to sit inside for the first time since the latest lockdown began. 

Sports venues can also now host people up to a certain level depending on whether they are indoor or outdoor. 

And, of course, you are now able to meet up with people inside your own homes, provided you still follow the rule of 6 or more if you only have two households together. 

safe and connected on our buses

We have been awaiting the latest government announcement with interest as we expect the reopening of indoor entertainment will lead to another increase in customer numbers on our buses.

We are running a full timetable and have plenty of capacity to get you all to where you need to go.

We can’t wait to welcome back our lovely customers who may not have travelled with us in over a year. We can assure you that we have been doing all we can to keep customers and employees safe and connected during the pandemic.

There's an enhanced cleaning regime, hand sanitiser stations on every bus and a policy to ensure that windows are left open to maximise ventilation.

Face coverings must still be worn by all customers throughout your journey, unless you have an exemption.

With all the measures in place on buses, the risk of catching the virus is extremely low – especially with the large percentage of vaccinated customers added into the mix.

In fact, we think that travelling on the bus will probably be safer than when you arrive at your destination and are sat across a table from your friend inside a café, pub or restaurant without a face covering on!

more seats available

In anticipation of increased customer numbers on our buses following the government’s announcement that more indoor entertainment will open from Monday 17th May, we will, from that date, be allowing all forward-facing seats to be used to avoid leaving anybody behind.

Whilst we recognise that this is a departure from the current policy of only using 50% of our seated capacity, our aim will still be to keep buses at the 50% capacity whenever possible.

Rest assured that we will be closely monitoring developments as more customers return to bus travel to enjoy indoor entertainment, and we will continue adding extra buses if we find any regular occasions where 1 metre social distancing can’t be maintained. We will be monitoring all routes to identify hot-spots where demand increases dramatically and reacting positively.

We are also working on a route-by-route guide to highlight the best times to travel for those of you who are able to be more flexible.

It is important though that you do not use any rear-facing seats on our buses unless with your household bubble. Likewise, we are still not allowing standing on board to help minimise face to face contact which has the highest risk of spreading the virus.

more ways to save - however you travel

We also know that many of you will not have travelled for a while with us - and even when you start to, you may not be travelling as often as you used to! Don't worry though, we've got you covered! Along with our usual great-value tickets, we now have the daysaver5 ticket, on our app, which gives you 5 individual day tickets activated when you need them. No expiry. This option is great for the occasional traveller and perfect if you need more than one bus or just want to be sure. Check all ticket options on our app now or visit the fares section