£2 maximum single fare (Extended until June 2024)

5 months ago Thu 14th Dec 2023

Thames Valley Buses are participating in the national government promotion to cap single bus fares at a maximum of £2.

This initiative will now be in place until at least June 30th 2024 and will be valid on all single journeys across the Thames Valley Buses, London Line & Flight Line 702/703, Reading Buses and Newbury & District networks - with the only exceptions being on football buses, Go2Gate and buses allocated for school travel.

The scheme is designed to help families, commuters and other passengers save money this winter, backed by government investment and we are one of over 160 bus companies across England taking part.

The scheme also seeks to encourage more commuters on buses and help to reduce emissions and congestion by taking an estimated 2 million cars off the roads.

how does it work?

It's quite simple really! Between now and June, the maximum single fare you can pay on our buses will be £2* - this ticket will be available on our app or from the driver on bus. This fare is applicable from anywhere to anywhere on a single journey - so you could get from Maidenhead to Henley-on-Thames, Bracknell to Reading or even from Slough to London for just £2! 

The ticket is now available to purchase on the Thames Valley, Reading Buses, Newbury & District, and Windsor Express apps . Once activated, the ticket must be used to board a bus within 30 minutes (but is then good for the full length of that journey of course).  Remember, the tickets purchased on the app will be valid to board our buses only until 30th June 2024.

*except football and school buses

what do I do if I already have a period ticket?

For many people, a 7/30/90/365 day or daysaver5 ticket will still represent better value than the capped £2 fare. If, however, you feel that you still want to get a refund for an existing ticket, you can of course request that. Our normal refund policy applies for this.

You can contact our customer services team but please note that our usual terms and conditions for refunds apply. All refunds are calculated retrospectively based on the unused portion of your ticket and also have a £10 administrative fee for any refunds that are processed.