Free buses for Christmas Shopping

2 weeks ago Wed 16th Nov 2022

We have teamed up with RBWM Council to give you completely free travel in Windsor & Maidenhead on each Saturday in the run up to Christmas, until Saturday 10th December.

The idea behind the free travel is to help promote local businesses and encourage more sustainable transport. By helping more people to access buses and encourage people out of their cars, we can reduce the amount of congestion on our roads and improve the air quality - two things that benefit everyone! And remember, a bus at full capacity can take over 1km of cars off the road!

how does it work?

It's really simple to get your free travel - just get on a bus!

Every Saturday from 19 November up to and including 10 December, you will travel for free when you get on a bus in RBWM - there is nothing to pay, and no ticket to receive, the driver will just record your travel.

The free travel is only valid when boarding in RBWM, so if you travel outside of the Borough boundary, you will need to pay for your return journey on the bus.  You will not get a free ticket if starting your journey outside of RBWM.

concessionary passes and existing pass holders

During these free travel days, we still need concessionary pass holders to scan their passes as normal. If you already have a ticket (for example a 30 day pass) you should also still scan your pass. Whilst this might sound strange, it is necessary because we and the council need to match the correct type of journeys to see how successful the day is compared to a normal day! 

valid services

Whilst most people will know which Thames Valley Bus services run in RBWM, we thought it best to clarify properly and avoid any doubt. 

route number Free Travel Area
2 Dedworth to Slough (free if boarding between Dedworth and The Myrke)
3 Maidenhead to Highfield Lane (whole route free)
7 Maidenhead to Woodlands Park (whole route free)
8 Maidenhead to Boulters Lock (whole route free)
9 Maidenhead to Cranbrook Drive (whole route free)
15 Eton Wick to Slough (free if boarding between Eton Wick and Pococks Lane)
16 Maidenhead to Windsor (whole route free)
53 Bracknell to Wexham Park Hospital (free if boarding between Moneyrow Green and Maidenhead Bridge)
127 Maidenhead to Reading (free if boarding between Maidenhead and Knowl Hill
234 Maidenhead to Waltham St Lawrence (whole route free)
239 Maidenhead to Henley (free if boarding between Maidenhead and Hurley)