Daily service updates

We continue to be affected by the national shortage of bus drivers and regrettably sometimes journeys are being cancelled. We are working hard to keep as many buses running as we can, avoiding consecutive trips and critical school journeys. 

To help you plan ahead and avoid disruption, we will update this page with any known cancellations each day. These cancellations are subject to change and may be reinstated so please check back before you travel. Don't forget, our Thames Valley Buses app and website are available to track your buses in real time.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused to your journeys. 

We regret that the following journeys are to be cancelled on Monday 3rd October.

Service 3
0923 from Frascati Way

1223 from Frascati Way

1735 from Frascati Way

1940 from Frascati Way

Service 5

1630 from Slough

1716 from Cippenham

1800 from Slough

1846 from Cippenham

Service 7

0650 from Frascati Way

0711 from Sawyers Crescent

0830 from Frascati Way

0854 from Sawyers Crescent

1005 from Frascati Way

1026 from Sawyers Crescent

1305 from Frascati Way

1326 from Sawyers Crescent

1645 from Frascati Way

1710 from Sawyers Crescent

1815 from Frascati Way

1837 from Sawyers Crescent

Service 8      

1400 from Frascati Way to Boulters Lock

1416 from Boulters Lock to Halifax Road

1449 from Halifax Road to Frascati Way

Service 9      

0745 from Frascati Way

1605 from Frascati Way

1905 from Frascati Way

Service 128   

1430 from Wokingham

1530 from Reading

Service 151   

1645 from Bracknell

1723 from Bus Station

Service 156   

1800 from Bus Station

Service 171    

1438 from High Street (1445 from Bus Station)

1615 from Bus Station

1745 from Bus Station

Service 172   

0825 from Bus Station

0953 from High Street (1000 from Bus Station)

1323 from High Street (1330 from Bus Station)

1530 from Bus Station

1700 from Bus Station

Service 194   

1420 from Bracknell

1520 from Camberley